Academic Calendar

4th April  Orientation for Class VI
5th April   
6th April   
7th April World Health Day Celebratation 
8th April  
9th April  
10th April  
11th April  Orientation for Class I Parents
12th April Club Activity 
13th April  
14th April Mahavir Jayanti 
15th April Poila Baisakhi (State holiday) and Good Friday
16th April  
17th April  
18th April Class I session begins
19th April Club Activity 
20th April  
21st April  
22nd April Book mark making competition (I to XI)
23rd April  
24th April  
25th April  
26th April Club Activity 
27th April  
28th April  
29th April


30th April   
1st May  
2nd May Mother's Day 
3rd May Id-ul-fitr 
4th May  
5th May  
6th May

Poetry Competition: Class 2 to 5

Elocution: Class 6 to 9

7th May  
8th May  
9th May  
10th May Workshop on Good Touch Bad Touch
11th May Paper Origami 
12th May  
13th May  
14th May PTM (Class 1 to 12) 
15th May Summer Vacation starts
16th May Buddha Purnima 
17th May  
18th May  
19th May  
20th May  
21st May  
22nd May  
23rd May Summer Camp Activity
24th May  
25th May  
26th May  
27th May  
28th May  
29th May  
30th May Summer Camp Activity
31st May  
1st June  
2nd June  
3rd June father's Day 
4th June  
5th June World Envioronment Day 
6th June Summer Camp Activity
7th June  
8th June  
9th June  
10th June  
11th June  
12th June  
13th June Summer Camp Activity
14th June  
15th June  
16th June  
17th June  
18th June  
19th June  
20th June  
21st June Summer Camp Activity (International yoga day celebration)
22nd June  
23rd June  
24th June  
25th June  
26th June  
27th June  
28th June  
29th June  
30th June  
1st July National Doctor's Day 
2nd July  
3rd July Summer vacation ends
4th July  
5th July Club Activity 
6th July Sports, martial arts, dance theme (Humari Sanskriti se fitness)
7th July  
8th July Investiture Ceremony 
9th July  
10th July Id-ul-zuha (Bakri id) 
11th July PT-I begins
12th July  
13th July  
14th July  
15th July Best out of waste Class I to XI 
16th July  
17th July  
18th July  
19th July  
20th July  
21st July PT-I ends
22nd July  
23rd July  
24th July  
25th July Gender Equality Workshop
26th July Kargil Diwas Celebration
27th July  
28th July  
29th July Hasya kavita (I to VI) Stand up comedy ( VIII to XII)
30th July PTM
31st July  
1st August   
2nd August  Club Activity 
3rd August   
4th August   
5th August  Rakhi making and Card making (I to XI) 
6th August   
7th August   
8th August     
9th August  Muharam
10th August   
11th August   
12th August  My Hand Has a Triranga Band (I to XII)
13th August  Independence day Celebration
14th August   
15th August  Independence day 
16th August  Club Activity 
17th August   
18th August  Janmashtami Celebration 
19th August  Janmashtami
20th August   
21st August   
22nd August   
23rd August  Club Activity 
24th August   
25th August   
26th August  Drawing competion (class I-IV), Poster making (Class V toVIII) and Collage making (IX to XII)
27th August   
28th August   
29th August  National Sports Day (Basketball and Badminton Competition IX to XII)
30th August  Club Activity 
31st August  Business Conclave (Class VII to IX)
1st Sept.   
2nd Sept.  Card Making Competion (Theme - Teachers Day)
3rd Sept.   
4th Sept.   
5th Sept.  Teacher's Day Celebrations
6th Sept.  Club Activity 
7th Sept.   
8th Sept.   
9th Sept.   
10th Sept.  Half Yearly Begins
11th Sept.   
12th Sept.   
13th Sept.   
14th Sept.   
15th Sept.   
16th Sept.   
17th Sept.   
18th Sept.   
19th Sept.   
20th Sept.   
21st Sept.   
22nd Sept.   
23rd Sept.   
24th Sept.   
25th Sept.   
26th Sept.  Half Yearly Ends 
27th Sept.   
28th Sept.   
29th Sept.   
30th Sept.  PTM 
1st Oct. Autumn Break starts 
2nd Oct. Gandhi Jayanti 
3rd Oct.  
4th Oct.  
5th Oct. Dussehra
6th Oct.  
7th Oct.  
8th Oct.  
9th Oct.  
10th Oct. Autumn Break ends
11th Oct. Club Activity 
12th Oct.  
13th Oct.  
14th Oct. Art and craft Exhibition
15th Oct.  
16th Oct.  
17th Oct.  
18th Oct. Club Activity 
19th Oct.  
20th Oct.  
21st Oct. Latern and Toran making (I to III), Diya decoration (IV to VI), Rangoli making (VII to XII)
22nd Oct.  
23rd Oct. Mental Health Day (Video message by Counsellor) 
24th Oct. Diwali
25th Oct. Govardhan Puja
26th Oct. Bhai duj
27th Oct.  
28th Oct. Fireless Cooking ( I to V) , Stone painting (VI to XI)
29th Oct.  
30th Oct.  
31st Oct.  
1st Nov Club Activity 
2nd Nov  
3rd Nov  
4th Nov Calligraphy competition (I to XI)
5th Nov  
6th Nov  
7th Nov  
8th Nov GuruNanak's Birthday 
9th Nov  
10th Nov  
11th Nov Science exhibition 
12th Nov  
13th Nov  
14th Nov Children's day celebrations
15th Nov Club Activity 
16th Nov  
17th Nov  
18th Nov Story telling with puppet (I to V), Debate competion (VI to XI) 
19th Nov  
20th Nov  
21st Nov  
22nd Nov Club Activity 
23rd Nov  
24th Nov  
25th Nov Solo Song Competition , Group dance Competition, Group Singing competition, 
26th Nov  
27th Nov  
28th Nov  
29th Nov Club Activity 
30th Nov  
1st Dec World AIDS Day
2nd Dec  
3rd Dec  
4th Dec Navy Day celebration
5th Dec  
6th Dec Club Activity 
7th Dec  
8th Dec PT-II Begins 
9th Dec  
10th Dec  
11th Dec  
12th Dec  
13th Dec  
14th Dec  
15th Dec  
16th Dec PT-II Ends 
17th Dec  
18th Dec  
19th Dec  
20th Dec  
21st Dec PTM
22nd Dec Winter Break Starts
23rd Dec  
24th Dec  
25th Dec Christmas Day 
26th Dec  
27th Dec  
28th Dec  
29th Dec  
30th Dec  
31st Dec Winter Break Ends
1st Jan  
2nd Jan  
3rd Jan Club Activity 
4th Jan  
5th Jan  
6th Jan Vegetable painting ( I to VI), Mural painting, Doodling Competition (VIII to XI)
7th Jan  
8th Jan Fitness Day
9th Jan  
10th Jan Club Activity 
11th Jan  
12th Jan  
13th Jan  
14th Jan Makar Sankranti 
15th Jan  
16th Jan  
17th Jan Club Celebration Day (Activities conducted by club to be displayed)
18th Jan  
19th Jan  
20th Jan  
21st Jan  
22nd Jan  
23rd Jan  
24th Jan  
25th Jan  
26th Jan Republic Day and Basant Panchami 
27th Jan  
28th Jan  
29th Jan  
30th Jan  
31st Jan   
1st Feb   
2nd Feb  World Wetland's day Celebrations ( Wetlands around Panagarh)
3rd Feb   
4th Feb   
5th Feb   
6th Feb   
7th Feb   
8th Feb   
9th Feb  National Deworming Day
10th Feb   
11th Feb   
12th Feb   
13th Feb   
14th Feb   
15th Feb   
16th Feb   
17th Feb   
18th Feb  Mahashivratri
19th Feb   
20th Feb   
21st Feb   
22nd Feb   
23rd Feb   
24th Feb   
25th Feb   
26th Feb   
27th Feb  Annual Exam begin 
28th Feb   
1st March   
2nd March   
3rd March   
4th March   
5th March   
6th March   
7th March  Holika Dahan
8th March  Holi 
9th March   
10th March   
11th March   
12th March   
13th March   
14th March   
15th March  Annual Exam Ends 
16th March   
17th March   
18th March   
19th March   
20th March   
21st March   
22nd March   
23rd March   
24th March   
25th March   
26th March   
27th March   
28th March   
29th March   
30th March   
31st March