About Library




(1) The school has a library with approximately 6,500 books. The library has books of all the subjects related to the course. It also has other educational 
as well as informative books.

(2)  Many Educational and News Paper have been subscribed in order inculcate reading habits in the students. 

(3) Every year a book exhibition is organised in the school premises in order to generate more interest among students for reading.



(1)      Students from Classes IV – XII are allowed to borrow one book at a time for one week only.

(2)      After one week. If the book is not reissued, fine will be imposed.

(3)      If a book is torn, damaged or lost, the student has to replace the book or pay the current cost of the book.

(4)      Newspapers, magazines, dictionaries, encyclopaedias cannot be taken out of the library.